Our Goal for Candidates
Our goal is to appropriately match you to open positions within your discipline. We do not intend to mold you into something that you are not. As a candidate, you will benefit from our belief that your time will not be wasted.

Redlich & Associates appreciates the value of your time and understands that you wish to be respectful of your current employer given an opportunity to interview.

Areas of Expertise
At Redlich & Associates, we have a strong presence in several market segments and disciplines. You can be confident in our high degree of experience many fields including Finance & Accounting, HR, IT, Sales, Operations, Pharma/Biotech and Legal.

Client Awareness
Our team strives to know all there is to know about the client company. This includes market position, focus and recent changes in management or the direction of the organization.

We will know the financial stability of our clients and will choose not to work with those organizations that are in a distressed state. We conduct research and understand the objectives of the position as well as why the position has become available or is being created.

Appropriate Representation
Candidates can be confident that Redlich & Associates is experienced with placement opportunities in your tier and job focus whether it is Management or C-Level. We will interview, present and represent you to the best of our ability. We will take care of the value proposition. It is up to you to make the close.

As a candidate, you must also be accountable to us and our guidance. Your performance in interviews with the client will have a direct impact on our credibility. You will be “prepped” but not coached or coaxed into expressing anything but the truth. We ask that you keep us informed and included in any direct contact you have with the client should they choose to contact you.

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